Project developmet stages

  • Analysis
    and planning
  • Concept
    and design
  • Layout
    and programming
  • Project
  • Site support
Analysis and planning

1 Analysis and planning

  • client interview
  • understating goals and objectives
  • analysis of the current positioning, including a study of the site and online activities
  • depth study of the segment in which the client works
  • research of top projects
  • competitors research
  • formulation of project objectives
  • signing a contract
Concept and design

2 Concept and design

  • formulation of all design elements of the project, including print
  • generating ideas and creating design concepts
  • site structure development
  • pages prototypes development
  • planning of all content on the site
  • CMS selection
  • design approval with client
  • approval with client design of the concept, the technical specifications and the project plan with dates
Layout and Programming

3 Layout and Programming

  • domain name registration
  • buy web hosting
  • quick creation of temporary site and uploading if needed
  • preparation of the project layout
  • integration of the project layout
  • uploading the site and the content
  • testing
  • presentation of the project to the client, including print elements
Project completion

4 Project completion

  • unloading the site to the client's domain
  • SEO optimization
  • integration with social media
  • connection of acquiring payment systems
  • integration with 1-C if necessary
  • presentation of the project to the client, including print elements
  • signing of the act of handover
Site support

5 Site support

  • content update
  • site engine update
  • monitoring server upgrades
  • changes in the external API (Facebook, Twitter)
  • monitoring browsers updates