Our services

Analysis and strategy

Analysis and strategy

Depending on the objectives and goals of you and your company / brand, we can offer a number of preliminary analytical measures aimed at creating or detailing – drawing clearer – the optimal business strategy and its subsequent development:

  • research of market structure, segments and trends, competitor analysis
  • consumer analysis, behavior and preferences of the target audience
  • integrated web-analytics
  • restyling, repositioning, rebranding an existing brand
  • naming
  • development of brand strategy and marketing activities
Graphic design

Graphic design

Design department of our agency is highly qualified and has extensive experience in the development and creation of various graphical components and visual concepts from a wide variety of printing materials to the components of the corporate identity, including logos and brand books; from the elements of typography to full websites of any size and orientation.

  • logo and corporate identity design
  • development of any print materials (as part of a web project or separately)
  • creation of pdf-presentations, illustrations, banners, icons
  • writing technical specifications for design
  • development of prototypes and site design concepts
  • redesign of an existing site (one page, corporate, stores)
Web site programming and layout

Web site programming and layout

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of CMS (engine) depending on the timing, objectives and the project budget. We also offer services separately for the layout or programming, if you already have your own finished design.

  • consulting for CMS selection
  • technical specification writing for layout and programming
  • creation of the layout based on an existing project design
  • layout integration
  • localization and integration when choosing ready-made templates or platforms (WordPress, Opencart)
  • integration with payment systems
  • integration with back-office
  • integration with 1C (or other back-office software)
  • advice on the choice of hosting
  • uploading site to hosting
  • testing
  • technical support of a web site
Web-content development

Web-content development

Depending on the project purpose, overall objectives of the site, the purposes of promotion and design specifics (style) of a virtual platform, we develop a content strategy and provide comprehensive project content development – text, photos and videos – on a permanent, periodic or ad hoc basis. We offer development of site content from scratch, as well as to adapt to the specifics and goals of an existing content strategy.

  • the creation of articles, service, advertising, brand and corporate texts, and other text elements from scratch or based on existing customer’s materials
  • development of photo style for photography, developing style guides for the company / brand photography
  • implementation of shootings for clothes, food, interior; street and studio photography; implementation of fashion-shooting for look-books
  • selection and purchase of high-quality images on in the internet
  • creation of video and animated movies, video presentations
Internet marketing, website promotion

Internet marketing, website promotion

We thoroughly analyze the project and offer the client a thorough marketing plan, after its review and approval and signing by the client, we carry out a series of marketing activities on a monthly basis to attract targeted traffic together with reports. 

  • development of online promotion strategy
  • development of promotion plan
  • SEO-optimization
  • contextual advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex Direct
  • integration with Yandex Direct
  • promotion and advertising in the social media (SMM)
  • analysis based on Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics
Service support

Service support

We provide free support for the sites within three months after discharge to the domain. After this period, there is a possibly of holding a monthly preventive maintenance site inventory, as well as content management, including its reloading, modification, removal if necessary for a nominal fee.

  • functional engine update
  • update and change of scripts
  • inspection and monitoring of site vulnerabilities
  • replacement / adding text and photo content
  • development and integration of new modules