About the client

Antamed company has been operating on the Russian market since 1993. It specializes is distribution of skin diagnostic devices and education in this area. One of the most important brands in its portfolio is the German pioneer brand TPM. We needed to create an informational promo site for one of its most iconic devices - skin ultrasound scanner Cutis S.

Cutis S


Immediately after website launch, the client planned to start an advertising campaign in Facebook. Not only we had make a great presentation of the device but also think about client journey and target actions by a potential buyer. The main peculiarity with Cutis S was that although it certainly deserves to be a desktop scanner in cosmetology and medical centers in Russia (because it opens up the same opportunities for skin testing as conventional ultrasound for examining internal organs) it still remained unknown, despite years of sales. Leads coming from the adv channel also would not have сomplete picture. So, within minutes spent by a lead on the landing page, we needed to create an express presentation about skin ultrasound as a phenomenon, to convince main target audience - the owners of cosmetology centers and the cosmetologists of the indispensability of Cutis S, to prepare targeted actions. Another complication was a limited set of product images and scans from it, plus the need to create a website fast.


Since out task was to get target action right from the landing page and since we did not have a very large amount of information to present, we decided to create a one-page site. Arriving at the site and moving from top to bottom, the lead plunged into the world of the ultrasound skin scanner. In terms of structure, the space of the site would be divided into 3 areas. The upper part would contain most important information in favor of buying an ultrasound scanner, namely, the unresolved issue of visualizing cosmetic manipulations in Russia; it would be followed by detailed information about Cutis S; the info about its use and feedback from colleagues would be at the end. Each area would include target actions blocks with buttons. Since the device was unknown on the Russian market, we agreed with the client not to include any “buy” buttons on the web site. Instead, we decided to offer free visits of the show room and orders of its mobile presentation in any part of Russia for its on spot detailed presentation and sales thanks to the size counter to traditional ultrasounds.

Since we did not have clear instruction about the website design from the client, but only about the actual information to present, we could choose the direction ourselves. It was decided to make a white website, consonant with the design of glossy cosmetic magazines and catalogs, familiar to the target audience; and white interiors of beauty parlors. In addition, this style would be combined well with simple design of the TPM company website and the interior of the Antamed showroom in Moscow.

On the first screen, we combined a photo of the scanner from the client with a photo of a laptop and a typical photo of a beautician in a cosmetology office, thus obtaining a complete image. Then we added a text with key information, icons and a button for the target action “learn more”.
cutis first screen
Then we went on to elaborate on the meaning of the first screen. Complications after various cosmetic procedures remain a huge problem for both patients and cosmetologists in Russia. With the help of Cutis S, you can visualize the results of any cosmetic manipulation, thus immediately preventing the occurrence of undesirable consequences or you can detect them if they do occur. For those already familiar with the scanner and want to find out how much it costs right away, we placed “get the price” button here.
cutis web
We have mentioned that skin ultrasound for cosmetology is the same as traditional ultrasound for all other medicine, so it was logical to explain in more detail how exactly Cutis S differs from traditional ultrasound and what are its advantages. Here, a potential buyer would also see screenshots from the skin scanner’s monitor screen and photos of the accessories.
cutis web
To keep the interest in the scanner and the rest of information presented on the site, we further presented the benefits of buying and using Cutis S for its three main target groups – cosmetologists, owners and clients.

Since all the advantages are rooted in the ability to get physical evidence in the form of printouts of scans, next we showed what the scans of complications of 6 different cosmetic manipulations look like. Here we added a recommended list of procedures during a typical examination on the Cutis S and a block with a target button “request CO” (commercial offer).

Then goes a short video specifically recorded for this promo site. Its purpose is to show the device and its use live.

After the video, we smoothly moved on to the topic of learning how to use the device. Obviously, the fear of not knowing how to use it can become a serious obstacle to buying it. From 6 points – “What else you get when buying?” The lead learned that he/she would receive free training on working with the scanner. In addition, from here it became clear that the laptop was a gift for personal use upon purchase.

The topic of training here is developed by the proposal to organize a free open day realized in the form of a target action block.

The topic of training is also being developed by offering training on the basis of showrooms in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. Here we used beautiful interior photos from the client.

It seemed to us that moving through the mini-site at this point, the leads might start getting questions about its purchase, so we suggested the client to place information on how to buy the scanner. Here we presented certificates confirming the legality of the scanner sales on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as reviews of colleagues who are already using it.

Finally, for those who need time to think before making a decision and, perhaps, more information about complications and not only them, a blog was created on a separate subdomain, the latest publications of which are displayed at the bottom of the mini-site. And there was contact information and a map of the location of the showrooms at the very end.
cutis gadget
Although the client set up and implemented the Facebook advertising campaign on his own, all requests from the site were duplicated to agency’s e-mail.
The effectiveness of all forms and buttons, as well as the entire mini-site as a whole, was confirmed by a large number of applications after the start of the advertising campaign.