About the client

“Euromed” is a small chain of four private medical centers in Krasnodar. The name signifies the aspiration of its founders to meet the high European standards of medical services provision. The chain positions itself in the premium segment. “Euromed” started in 2004 with one ultrasound office and thanks to “their strong desire to grow professionally and to develop”, now they are one of the most recognizable medical brands in Krasnodar and the surrounding area, offering a wide range of medical services - diagnostics, treatment, tests, day hospital, surgery. The chain has its own largest in the city laboratory, which performs rare, unique tests.



In 2016, our partners “Medstroypro” company, began medical equipment supplies to “Euromed”. In the course of communication, it became obvious that the website of the medical chain needs modernization. Our partners contacted us with the idea of preparing an offer for them. We were happy to participate in a socially important project and a chance to improve the situation with design in the medical segment.
We offered “Euromed” a number of branding activities to unify their online and offline positioning.

As a result, we focused our work only on their website. As part of the preliminary work, we made an audit of their site, developed a questionnaire which helped to understand the strategic objectives of the clinics and the wishes of their owners, as well as to know the recommendations of their SEO specialist. It became obvious that their current site could not be modernized, but must be created from scratch while keeping its position in the organic search results for key queries, as well as ensuring that patients appointments from the site get into the clinic’s MES.

Our main task was to contribute to an increase in patient flow to the two existing clinics by increasing the number of appointments from returning and new patients from the site through a nice and clear presentation of services and convenient functionality for appointments. For new patients, it was also necessary to build trust in the clinics through the website. Part of our job was to tackle the issue of large amounts of information presentation, in particular, several thousands of analyzes hundreds of services and many doctors, which had never been addressed by them before. The site was to convey the premium of the “Euromed” chain and to foresee opening of two more centers in the near future. Having a mobile version of the site was a logical conclusion from all the above mentioned tasks.


We started by preparing project’s document, turning all the clinic's wishes into tasks and combining all the information in it. Thus, on the one hand, we identified all the missing content for ourselves and for the client. On the other, we decided what main sections of the site will be, where the service related info will be presented and where the rest of the info. In 2016, an analytical study of the Russian medical segment from RBC came out, it helped us to save time on identifying the sites of top clinics for benchmarking.

As a result, we developed a new visual concept that used the company's corporate colors, faithfully conveyed the realities of the two medical centers, anticipated the opening of new centers, and also placed the site on a par with the most advanced sites of Russian clinics. The design of their new website has become clear, concise and coherent.

As mentioned above, “Euromed” is a real heavyweight in terms of the number of different medical tests, research and medical services. One of the design goals was to present all this information as succinctly as possible. We have visually divided all services into 4 main sections and kept this presentation the same throughout the site.


We then analyzed the contents of the sections for differences and similarities. It became clear that the solution could be a template with the same “header” for all the sections and different, unique content for each. The developed design unified the presentation of all 4 sections, thereby simplifying their perception by patients and further work with the site.

The prices for services and the option of making an appointment instantly was common to all sections, which we supported with the appointment buttons in the basement and the header of the site, where we placed another important button for the customer “home analyzes”.

шапка сайта

Запись на прием
Анализы на дому

We divided “services of specialists” between women, men and children.

Using the same approach as with the 4 service sections, after analyzing the content of over 30 specialist services subsections, a universal template was developed, thanks to which patients could gain clarity about each direction, for example, gastroenterology. The design for each subsection included: symptoms, diseases, list of services, cost, with the ability to instantly record.

Услуги специалистов
Раздел услуги

In the “Laboratory diagnostics” section, we found a way to present countless tests within one block, clearly dividing them and presenting them as groups. For the convenience of patients, it was also made possible to search for the required test alphabetically and in the search bar with a forming list. The search in this section was supplemented by a general site search. For this section, we developed a calculator that allows patients, who often need multiple tests, to know their cost in advance.

We also created a personal page with allowed patients to view test results online.

Лабораторная диагностика
Результаты поиска
Выбранные анализы
Результаты анализов

Using the template, we in the same way presented the remaining two sections “Diagnostic studies” and “Complex programs”. Each diagnostic and program contains a fairly large description, which we managed to hide under the “details” button opposite each of them. For each of them, you can immediately find out the price and sign up.

Диагностические исследования
Комплексные программы

Since doctors are the main value of any clinic, we paid due attention to them on the new site, first organizing the shooting, in order to get their photos in a single style. For each doctor, a personal page was created with information about him/her, an appointment button and “ask a question” button to build trust and increase patient engagement. In the “Doctors” section we provided filtering by referral and search by full name. Shown the existing vacancies of clinics.

Детальная страница специалиста

Usually on the websites of clinics, sections about the clinic contain text and photos, to make this section more effective, we added here for patients the ability to proceed to directly to the choice of services. For this section, we organized a separate photo shooting of the interiors of clinics in Krasnodar.

In the “Contacts” section we added instructions on how to get to the clinics and placed photos of the facades of the clinics’ buildings for their better identification.

О клинике

In the footer of the site, we combined all the most strategically important information, duplicated key buttons, accurately presented all “Euromed” partners, thereby bringing the footer to the standard of federal clinics and stimulating patient’s confidence.

An online consultant was added to the site.


Mobile version – the entire design was adapted for smartphones and tablets.

evromed adaptive

After unloading the new site, the clinic manager confirmed to us that we have completed our main task and they have a stable, growing number of patient’s appointments from the site. The site’s positions in SEO have been preserved.

Two new Euromed centers were opened and information about them was successfully added to the site. The home page is regularly used for promotional offers of clinics and announcements from the “Publications” section.