About the client

"Moscow Stock Exchange" Group controls Russia's only multipurpose exchange platform for trading stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies, market money instruments and commodities. The Group includes PJSC "Moscow Exchange", Central Depository (NCO JSC "National Settlement Depository"), as well as the clearing center (the Bank "National Clearing Centre"). This structure allows to provide customers with a full cycle of trading and post-trading services, enables to trade in all major asset classes. Today, the Moscow Stock Exchange is in the top 25 of the world's leading stock sites by total market capitalization of tradable shares, as well as the top ten sites in terms of trading bonds and futures contracts.


"Moscow Stock Exchange" representatives approached us for the development of their in-house document, brochure, intended for early adaptation of new employees and their involvement in professional and corporate life of The Stock Exchange. The main requirement for the future document was the combination of strong practical orientation of the booklet with friendly, non authoritarian manner of presenting the material.


Development of the document was in close cooperation with representatives of the company. We proposed several variations of the brochure design to choose from, different versions of the document structure and text content. The result of the work is a product which is a user friendly, succinct, easy in terms of the perception of intra-reference information, which includes the main contacts, the rules and the features of the Stock Exchange, the information about the corporate culture, values ​​and standards. The principle of "practicality + friendliness" was fulfilled to 100%.

After the execution of the order for the PJSC "Moscow Exchange" we received a similar request from the NCO JSC "National Settlement Depository" for which we created a separate colorful brochure.

Moscow Stock Exchange