About the client

The idea of retreats itself is not new, however, the organizers of this project came up with the idea of doing them always in different places around the globe and each time together with the place to change the concept of the event. The aim of the "Club Smena" is to create a club of interests for the spiritual and intellectual development of its members and participants.

Smena Club


This is the fastest site that our agency made during its entire existence. We had great photos of the location of the first pilot retreat, a program from the host of the event and some wishes from "Smena Club". The site was supposed to convey the essence of the concept of the events, all the key information about the first event, as well as provide for the appeal for the purchase of tickets and for clarifications from potential participants. It was necessary to provide a mobile version.


Since the event was designed only for the female audience, we decided that making the site in pastel colors would be a win-win option. These colors matched well with the retreat photos we already have. We also needed a calm, predictable font that would go with all of this. As a result, we made a compact one-page informational promo site, where, in a pleasant environment, we placed key information about the retreat, as well as made it possible to book participation in it and establish contact with its organizers. It took us 2 weeks from idea to unloading.

On the first screen, we placed the key information for potential participants – the date and the place, using a photo for the background that well conveys the atmosphere of the island and the atmosphere of the retreat.

Smena Club

We further posted information about what the program will be devoted to and what each participant can learn for themselves by participating in the event.

Smena Club

Then followed the daily routine and a photos of the location, a photo of the host, and a small mood text created by our copywriter, here we added buttons for the target action – “ask a question” and “book”.

Smena Club

Finally, at the very end, we reminded about the timing and venue, placed a pre-booking block with the cost of the event, posted a text about the project from its mastermind, and a block with target buttons and an internal menu.

Smena Club

After uploading the site to the domain, we received a confirmation from the “Club Smena”
that the mini-site fully conveys the essence of their idea and contains all the necessary functionality for selling participation in their event.

The project is awaiting resumption after the normalization of the global situation.